Green Finger Films & Jaine Green

Green Finger Films is an exciting new production company founded by award-winning producer director Jaine Green. The company is dedicated to creating strong roles for woman both on and off screen and encouraging diversity in the film industry. A selection of Jaine’s films are shown below – you can also watch I’m Your Number One Fan.

Our mission is to create surprising and thought-provoking entertainment. We value and support talent from unexpected arenas offering a nurturing environment in which to ensure even the most unique seed of an idea gets the chance to grow. We apply a fresh, competitive and dynamic approach to contemporary filmmaking while retaining traditional values for quality and professionalism.

By teaming experienced professionals with those new to the industry we encourage all film-makers to exchange their skills both new and old.

Our unique approach and passion for film-making ensures we create distinctive, challenging and above all, compelling films which never fail to raise an eye brow.

We pride ourselves in never shying from controversy or challenging subject matters.

Our aim is to make our audiences take our films to their hearts.

Green Finger Films- making ideas grow.

About Jaine Green

Jaine Green started her career as a stand-up comedienne before entering documentary TV in the UK, with the controversial film, I’m Your Number One. Since then, Jaine has made over 50 diverse films, winning a number of major awards along the way. Her films have covered a number of difficult topics such as Love in Rimini which features the love lives of straight Italian men in relationships with transsexuals. It explores how men justify their attraction to a transsexual and how this fits into straight sexual identity. Her recent short film, Cherry Cake, has been short-listed and screened at a number of the world’s leading film festivals including London, Palm Springs, St Louis and Vancouver. As well as making films, Jaine is the chair of judges for the Discover Short Film Festival and was recently (2015 & 2016) the show runner for the National Geographic Channel’s, 10 part global series, Undercover Angel which took some of the richest and most successful entrepreneurs from all over the world. Each of these Undercover Angel struggles to come up with a way they can help the local community, all the while hiding their true identity from the people they meet. Instead of simply handing over cash, they must use their energy and expertise to create sustainable change that will improve the community’s day-to-day life for the long term.


  • I’m Your Number One Fan
    I’m Your Number One Fan
  • Tourettes on the Job
    Tourettes on the Job
  • Monstrous Bosses
    Monstrous Bosses
  • Psychic Academy
    Psychic Academy
  • The Real Witch Project
    The Real Witch Project
  • Middle Aged Mummies Boys
    Middle Aged Mummies Boys